LG G5 - Silver Titan

LG opts for “full-metal body” with G6

LG is planning to take a new approach with the build of the LG G6, making a clean break from its 2015 flagship Android smartphone. A metal body will be used for the LG G6, as the South Korean company looks to move on from one of the most-discussed issues with the LG G5.

In preparation for the launch of the LG G6, an abundance of teaser material has been made available. And among LG’s latest publicity release is a specific reference to a “full-metal body”.

Given the build of the LG G5 ended up proving so contentious, it unlikely that LG would use such a concrete description unless it was planning to use a relatively conventional metal build for its 2017 flagship.

The LG G5 launched as a phone that promised a metal body, moving away from the plastic construction of previous LG handsets. However, users of the smartphone quickly noticed that it had a much different feel to other metal devices.

It soon became apparent that although the LG G5 had a metal body, a coating had been applied to the surface.

At the time, LG said that it was eager to avoid its smartphones looking and feeling the same as most other handsets on the market. There was also speculation that the coating may have been necessary in order to ensure that all sections of the LG G5 – the device employed a modular design – were level.

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