LG Hub Robot - CES 2017

LG robot to use Amazon Alexa voice recognition

LG has confirmed that its LG Hub Robot will use voice recognition technology developed by Amazon. The system is best known for its use within Amazon’s Echo speakers, and will be deployed by LG as part of its artificial intelligence efforts.

The LG Hub Robot was unveiled at CES 2017. It is a product that sees LG attempt to put a friendly face to AI, and offers certain similarities to the ASUS Zenbo robot.

In terms of functionality, the LG Hub Robot competes with products such as the Amazon Echo and Google Home speakers. Like its rivals, LG’s offering can act as an interface with smart home products, as well as serving as a personal assistant.

At present, however, the LG Hub Robot appears to be the prototype of a concept, rather than a product that is ready to enter mass production. There has been no mention of details such as a release date and pricing.

In a statement issued prior to CES 2017, LG said that it expected AI “to be a major theme” of the trade show. The LG Hub Robot appears to be less of a commercial product, and more a case of LG ensuring that it is part of a major trend within the industry.

The situation surrounding the LG Hub Robot is distinct from that of the ASUS Zenbo. Although neither product is ready for release, there is a clear drive behind ASUS’ robot, with a software development kit and tools having been released to tempt developers to work on the project.

None of this is to say that the LG Hub Robot, or a similar product from LG, will never be seen in stores.

Given the growing interest in AI, LG is unlikely to sit on the sidelines. But the concepts previewed at CES 2017 could undergo many changes before any commercial release.