LG UX smartphones and tablets

LG to use G3’s interface for new smartphones and tablets

The version of LG UX used on the LG G3 flagship smartphone will be adopted across a wider range of the South Korean company’s Android smartphones and tablets. The LG G3’s user interface has proven to be award-winning, and the electronics giant will now use it to standardise the experience offered by its devices.

Similar to rival Android device makers, LG has created a custom user interface in order to differentiate its products. LG UX is the company’s equivalent of HTC Sense or Samsung TouchWiz.

LG has stated that its smartphones and tablets launched in the second half of 2014 will include a user interface and features taken from the LG G3.

Not only does LG UX control the look and feel of elements like the home screens and app drawer on the LG G3, it also offers additional features which will also be included on new devices. These include LG’s simplified camera, as well as Smart Keyboard which – like similar solutions – uses artificial intelligence to improve the typing experience.

No plans have been announced to update older devices with the latest release of LG UX. But the company has at least said that it won’t only be forthcoming premium products that adopt the software, but also entry-level and mid-range devices too.

Earlier this year, the most recent edition of LG UX – as used on the LG G3 – won awards at the Red Dot Communication Design Awards, with both the graphical user interface and Smart Keyboard being recognised.