LG V20

LG V30 set for global release in September

There will be a relatively quick turnaround for the LG V30, with the smartphone set to go on sale a month after its official launch. The phablet is due to be presented by the company on 31 August in Berlin, before becoming available to buy globally on 28 September.

Information about the release of the V30 has come from an internal document that was obtained by Android Authority.

Although the document makes specific mention of LG’s home market South Korea, as well as the United States, no other countries are referred to.

Prior to the V30’s international release, sales will begin in South Korea on 15 September.

There has been speculation that the V30 – unlike its predecessor the V20 – will launch in Europe. And the fact that LG has chosen a European site to launch its next phablet offers some credence to the claims.

Previously, conventional wisdom was that European consumers were less attracted to larger devices than smartphone enthusiasts elsewhere in the world. Yet 2017 has seen a general increase in the screen sizes of standard flagship handsets, blurring lines with the phablet category.

[via Android Authority]