Microsoft OneNote Android app

Microsoft OneNote now integrates with other Android apps

Microsoft has released a significant upgrade to the Android version of its note-taking software OneNote. The most recent update allows data to be more easily transferred across from other apps through use of Android’s in-built sharing functionality.

The ‘share’ option is well-supported by a large number of Android apps. Anyone wanting to upload a recent photo to their could storage, for instance, simply needs to share it via the relevant menu, and then select their could storage provider’s app from the list of options that is presented.

Saving information from the web is commonplace when it comes to taking notes. This is now straightforward as text can be easily selected and then shared with Microsoft OneNote.

The latest update to Microsoft OneNote also includes support for Samsung’s multi-window mode. This functionality should make sharing information from a third party app even more simple.

There is also a new home screen widget, meaning that notes can be accessed quickly and easily when out-and-about.

The new features will no doubt be welcomed by Microsoft OneNote users, as it makes the app into a compelling proposition. It is worth bearing in mind, though, options such as sharing have been present in rival apps like Evernote for some time.