Microsoft Xim

Microsoft Xim now with Chromecast support

There is now another way to display photos on a big screen, with Chromecast functionality having been added to Microsoft Xim. The app provides an easy way to network devices together in order to share photos.

A group of friends could link their smartphones and tablets, for example, in order to take a look at someone’s photos of a Christmas party. All actions are synchronised – swipe to the next photo, or pinch-and-zoom, and everyone will see the changes on their screen.

There are Microsoft Xim apps available for Android, Windows Phone 8 and the iPhone. The addition of Chromecast support provides an easy and cost-effective way to share photos on a TV.

Chromecast is not the only option for sharing pictures on a larger screen. The updated version of Microsoft Xim actually supports a wide range of products, including Xbox One, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick and Apple TV.

There is even the option to use most web browsers. It is therefore not even necessary to have the app installed in order to get involved in the photo sharing fun.

As well as sharing photos stored locally on a device, it is also possible to import images from social networks and cloud storage services, such as Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox and OneDrive.