Blocks - modular smartwatch

Modular UK smartwatch Blocks to use Android Wear

A UK startup that is developing a modular smartwatch system has committed itself to using Android Wear in its products. With the Blocks smartwatch, users will have a considerable number of upgrade and customisation options.

Blocks will be supplied as a series a modular units, with options ranging from blank spacers that extend the circumference of the smartwatch, to a variety of sophisticated sensors.

Sensor options will include a hear-rate monitor, GPS, fingerprint scanner and motion detector. There will also be components to provide specific functionality, such as a camera, a choice of displays and a range of different processors.

Blocks had previously considered using Samsung’s Tizen operating system, or even developing their own custom Android-based OS. Eventually, the team – which is based at Imperial College, London – chose Android Wear, believing that it offers the most complete solution that is currently available.

[via The Guardian]