Goolge Home speaker

Multi-user support comes to Google Home

Google Home can now recognise different voices, creating individual responses for members of a household. The change means that when someone speaks to Google Home, they will get an update that is relevant to them, rather than, for example, a list of another person’s appointments.

Previously a major downside of a Google Home speaker was that it was only associated with the person who originally set it up. While this was fine for anyone living on their own, for families or house shares it created difficulties.

Thanks to an update that is starting to roll out, Google Home speakers will soon be able to recognise up to six different voices.

New users can be added via a card in the Google Home app, which will initiate a small training session in order to learn a new voice.

Multi-user support is first coming to Google Home devices in the United States, but will also be available in the United Kingdom in later months.