App Performance A1 - microSD

New A1 standard to recognise Android app support on microSD cards

MicroSD cards offer a popular way to add storage space to many Android smartphones and tablets. But while clear standards exist when it comes to photo and video storage, there has been no clear guidance for consumers as far as apps are concerned.

The SD Association (SDA) believes that this lack of assistance has made it difficult to find cards that are suitable for running apps from. As a result, the organisation has acted to introduce a new standard, designed to make buying a new card easier.

The App Performance A1 standard, which will be labelled as A1 on compatible cards, will be displayed on microSD cards that meet the necessary requirements. Consumers will therefore be able to easily check whether their new card is fast enough to run Android apps.

Running apps from a slow microSD card on an Android device can lead to problems – in the worse cases resulting in system stability issues.

Therefore, the introduction of the new A1 labelling is likely to be widely welcomed by the industry, even if it does increase the already-large number of standards that SD cards can conform to.