Photowall for Chromecast

New photo sharing app for Chromecast

Days after its European launch, Google are eager to maintain the momentum of Chromecast, launching a new app for the digital media player. Photowall allows users to collaborate via Android and iOS apps – as well as the Chrome desktop browser – to build a photo collage on a TV.

Once everyone has finished sending their images to the big screen, a YouTube video will be automatically created ready for sharing.

Photowall is a Chrome Experiment – a project originally designed to showcase and test the capabilities of the Chrome browser. In this case, though, it is hoped that Photowall will demonstrate some of Chromecast’s potential, and as a result inspire developers to create new apps for the device.

Whilst Google no doubt hopes that end users find Photowall useful, they have been open about their ambitions on the service’s website, stating:

[…] if you’re a developer: Chromecast is now an open platform, so you can make experiences like Photowall for yourself.

Photowall also includes the ability to doodle on the images that are uploaded. It is nonetheless a reasonably basic app, although this simplicity could help it add a new dimension to photo sharing.