New USB Type-C certification after concerns over chargers

With the growth of devices supporting USB Type-C, many smartphone buyers faced a problem: a large collection of cables and chargers built up over the years which were not compatible with their new device.

This scenario resulted in strong demand for USB-C accessories, although a range of concerns soon emerged.

There were reports of companies failing to adhere to standards when it came to USB-C cables and chargers.

Concerns started to spread about the potential for device damage. Back in February this year, The Verge published an article entitled: ‘USB-C cables are playing Russian Roulette with your laptop’.

Now the USB Implementers Forum has stepped in and announced that it is going to certify USB-C chargers.

Chargers that meet the required specification, passing the USB-IF’s compliance testing, will be able to display a new logo.

The new programme should offer reassurance to consumers, particularly at a time when there has been so much uncertainty with USB-C accessories.

Of course, the new USB-IF certification will not prevent unscrupulous companies from printing the programme’s logo on products which do not meet the requirements.

However, the certification should help consumers feel confident about purchases when buying products made by reputable manufacturers that are sold through reliable retailers.

[via Engadget]