LG G Watch

News of the LG G Watch 2 emerges

Despite having only released its first smartwatch in June this year, LG could be planning to unveil a follow-up to the LG G Watch at the IFA trade show in Berlin, next month. Such a move would signal increased confidence levels within the South Korean electronics giant, buoyed by the success of its LG G3 smartphone.

Rumours of the new wearable device have emerged from The Korea Times, with its sources claiming that LG sees a lot of potential in the smartwatch market. However, the Korean media report does caution that the new device – apparently named the LG G Watch 2 – may only be shown to clients at IFA Berlin, rather than exhibited publicly.

After the success of the LG G3, The Korea Times believes that bosses at LG are eager to go head-to-head against Apple, who are rumoured to be releasing their own wearable device in September.

But whilst managers at LG may well have renewed belief about the company’s ability to compete in the mobile device market, the imminent release of a new smartwatch – in order to compete directly against Apple – would be very surprising.

The market for wearable devices is still in its infancy and is likely to be too small for companies to flood with a rapid succession of product releases.

And as The Korea Times acknowledges, LG may not be ready to publicly exhibit the new smartwatch at IFA Berlin next month. This would indicate that a lot development work is still required before the LG G Watch 2 goes on sale.

Given the potential of wearables, it would be surprising if LG was not already working on a successor to its first smartwatch. But an imminent release to compete against the anticipated Apple smartwatch seems unlikely.

[via The Korea Times]