Nintendo Miitomo - Android app

Nintendo issue Miitomo update to fix early bugs

Nintendo has reacted promptly to reports that users of some devices were experiencing problems with its first ever mobile app Miitomo. An updated edition of the social app has been released onto the Play Store, after some early downloaders found that it was crashing on start-up.

After Miitomo was released, Android Wafer noted that users of some devices were having issues. Since it has emerged that users have generally been finding problems with rooted devices, or certain custom ROMs, rather than suffering compatibility difficulties that were affecting specific smartphone models.

Over on Reddit, there have been a number of positive reports from users of rooted devices, stating that they have been able to user Miitomo since downloading the updated version. However, for some who are running custom ROMs problems remain, with CyanogenMod 13 seeming to be most affected.

Prior to Nintendo’s update, an unofficial fix had been released into the Android community.