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Nokia 6 exclusive to Carphone Warehouse in UK

When Nokia announced its comeback to the mobile phone market, the company was not specific as far as release dates were concerned. And while there has been no further word about when the new devices will be made available, it has emerged that the Nokia 6 will be exclusive to the Carphone Warehouse in the UK.

The Nokia 6 was first launched in January, on an exclusive basis in China. Demand has been high, with the smartphone selling very well.

It appears that demand has outstripped expectations, meaning that Nokia is likely working with manufacturing partner Foxconn on formulating a new production schedule. The companies have to both fulfil interest in China and meet the challenges presented by a global roll-out.

At the launch of its new devices, Nokia simply stated that the products would be released in the second quarter of 2016. The fact that the company was only able to provide a rough gauge, rather than a specific month or a definitive release date, suggests that they are still working to manage supply.

There is not currently an option to pre-order the Nokia 6 from the Carphone Warehouse, although interested parties can register their details to be kept up-to-date on the availability of Nokia’s various forthcoming handsets.

While the Carphone Warehouse state the Nokia 6 is exclusive to them in the UK, there may still be other official channels selling the device.

It is not clear whether the terms of the agreement that Nokia has reached with the Carphone Warehouse prevent it from also selling the Nokia 6 through networks.

The Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL were both exclusive to the Carphone Warehouse, but were also available via UK network EE. It is possible that the Nokia 6 could be subject to a similar arrangement.

Alongside the Nokia 6, the Finnish company will also launch two other Android smartphones, the Nokia 5 and Nokia 3. There will also be a new edition of a classic phone, with the release of a revised Nokia 3310.