Nokia & HTC

Nokia gets nearly all current HTC phones banned in the UK

In a notable victory for Nokia, HTC has seen almost its entire line-up of phones banned in the UK. The UK High Court has ruled that a number of third-party chips used in HTC handsets infringe one of Nokia’s patents.

As a result of the ruling, HTC will no longer be able to import further stock of the HTC One Max, HTC One Mini, HTC One SV, HTC One X+, HTC 8X, HTC 8S and HTC Desire 601.

The obvious escapee is the flagship HTC One, with very interesting justification given for the exception. The Inquirer is reporting that the judge accepted that preventing sales of the HTC One would have a ‘catastrophic’ effect on HTC’s business.

Despite the exception, the HTC One isn’t in the clear. The company has merely been given time to appeal, as the judge felt that the potential damage to HTC far outweighed any potential harm to Nokia.

Any reprieve the HTC One is enjoying may prove to be temporary. HTC still has to apply to the Court of Appeal for permission to appeal the ruling, by 6 December.