NOOK GlowLight

NOOK further develops its own Android platform

A new NOOK ereader had been announced, with Android once again used as the basis of the platform. The NOOK GlowLight offers a number of improvements over the company’s previous front-lit ereader, including a better display, more storage and better screen refresh technology.

NOOK essentially forked Android 2.1 Eclair to create its own ereader platform. Although this has resulted in a custom software offering, the Android heritage remains.

Due to their Android basis, NOOK ereaders have become popular with hobbyists.

The fact that it is relatively easy to modify the software of NOOK ereaders has lead to them being used in conjunction with other hardware popular with hobbyists The older Nook Simple Touch has even been used as low-powered display for the Raspberry Pi.

There were fears that we would not see any further NOOK ereader hardware and software being developed. Thankfully, though, the financially-troubled company has decided against focussing solely on mobile and tablet apps, and will continue to release its own devices.

Dedicated NOOK devices are good news for consumers, providing competition for Kobo and Kindle ereaders.

In order to ensure the company’s future success, it will need to increase the revenue generated through its own digital stores. Popularity with hobbyists won’t help NOOK achieve this, and the company still needs to increase its mass market appeal further.