Nexus 7 2013 edition

Now Android has even taken Apple’s tablet crown

Android has been dominating the smartphone world for some time. When it comes to tablets, though, Google’s mobile operating system has found the competition much tougher.

Prior to the launch of the original Nexus 7 in July 2012, Android had struggled to break 40% of the tablet market. Little over 15 months later and Android’s share has increased to 66.7%.

Most significantly, Android now generates 46.2% of all tablet revenues, with Apple being reduced to a 45.6% share. Low cost 7-inch tablets like the Nexus 7 have proven to be a critical factor in this growth.

Whilst Apple has remained focussed on the premium end of the market, Android devices have tended to fall within the budget category. In addition to Google’s own Nexus-branded products, manufacturers such as Samsung and Lenovo have continued to target the Android tablet market.

The increased shared of tablet revenue is particularly notable, given that Android tablets tend to sell for less than those produced by rivals Apple and Microsoft.