VRidge - VR Android app

Now it is possible to play HTC Vive games on an Android smartphone

An updated app has landed on Google Play which makes it possible to try out virtual reality games on an Android smartphone, with no need to invest in a costly dedicated headset. VRidge has been created by the Polish developer RiftCar, and now supports both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift titles.

The HTC Vive requires a high-spec PC, and whilst VRidge still needs a machine with a gaming GPU, it is less demanding than HTC’s VR headset.

VRidge works in conjunction with Google Cardboard, meaning that the experience it offers is at the affordable end of the cost spectrum.

Interestingly, an enthusiastic Reddit user has noticed that VRidge is compatible with the Revive patch that was recently covered by Android Wafer.

The significance of compatibility with Revive is that it means VRidge has the capacity to support Oculus Rift games in addition to HTC Vive titles.

Despite the potential of VRidge, the app is currently at a beta stage in its development, so the developer has warned users not to purchase titles specifically to use with it. There are, however, a number of free games available that are suitable for testing.

[via TechnoBuffalo / Google Play]