HP Chromebook 13 G1 - trackpad

Pinch-to-zoom support coming to Chromebook trackpads

While Chromebooks offer support for an impressive range of touchpad gestures, there is one in particular that is absent. Pinch-to-zoom functionality has never been implemented on Chrome OS, but now it appears that Google is planning to add support for the feature.

The lack of pinch-to-zoom support is actually quite strange, given that good quality hardware has always been a hallmark of Chromebooks. This is particularly evident on lower-cost devices, which tend to offer much better keyboards and trackpads than equivalent Windows machines.

Even basic Chromebooks already offer multi-touch support, with a number of gestures enabled. But pinch-to-zoom via a touchpad has never been implemented within Chrome OS.

Another factor which makes the lack of pinch-to-zoom touchpad support odd is the fact that the concept is not alien to Chrome OS. The functionality has been recognised for some time, albeit via a touchscreen rather than a trackpad.

Now Chrome Unboxed has spotted a commit that indicates developers are working on pinch-to-zoom support for trackpads.

Given that many consumers are very familiar with the action from both smartphones and a large number of Windows laptops, there is a strong case for adding it to Chromebook trackpads. Although not available currently, it is likely that the feature will first appear in developer builds of Chrome OS.

Yet it is unclear how widely available pinch-to-zoom will be on Chromebook trackpads in the future.

Only four devices have been referenced by Chromebook developers so far. These are the Chromebook Pixel (2015), Samsung Chromebook Plus, Samsung Chromebook Pro and a new product that has been codenamed Eve.

[via Chrome Unboxed]