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Rumours of HTC smartwatch continue to circulate

There has been a lot of talk about a potential HTC smartwatch in 2016, although this has not been backed up by evidence of its development. Now more speculation has emerged, this time pointing to the release of a smartwatch from HTC next month.

Given its reputation for iconic smartphone design, it is no surprise that the prospect of a HTC smartwatch continues to generate enthusiasm. As the Taiwanese company was a launch partner of Android Wear back in May 2014, many have expected that they would enter the smartwatch market at some point.

The latest rumour has come from @evleaks, on Twitter, who has pointed to HTC launching a smartwatch on the week of 6 June. Although @evleaks has reliably broke numerous Android stories in the past, it is worth noting that he has reported that HTC have been due to unveil a smartwatch on a number of previous occasions, only for no such device to emerge.

[via Android Authority]