Samsung Joyent - cloud computing

Samsung buys cloud computing company Joyent

Samsung is to go head-to-head with Google, Microsoft and Amazon, through the acquisition of cloud computing company Joyent. Since its launch in 2004, Joyent has secured some notable clients, including the social platform Storify.

Joyent also has some big-name infrastructure partners, such as Intel and Telefonica.

The purchase of Joyent fits in with Samsung’s recent strategy of branching out into services. Samsung Pay is growing as a payments provider, with the service becoming available in an increasing number of countries.

Samsung’s reasons for acquiring Joyent are two-fold: the electronics giant will be able to expand its service offering through the provision of cloud computing, and Samsung could also benefit from a strong cloud infrastructure, for its existing products and services.

Joyent will operate as an independent subsidiary of Samsung. The South Korean company clearly believes that Joyent needs a degree of autonomy, as it continues to grow its existing service offerings.

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