TouchWiz 2016 - revised for Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung could be about to introduce a major overhaul to TouchWiz

A video has emerged which shows a heavily-revised version of TouchWiz. The clip displays a version of the user interface that is a clear departure from the current edition, and appears designed to address a number of common criticisms.

TouchWiz is Samsung’s Android overlay. It is one of the features that Samsung uses to try and better distinguish its products from the competition.

Samsung is not alone in having its own user interface, with nearly all Android manufacturers utilising an overlay on top of the main operating systems.

TouchWiz has always been one of the more constroversial skins, particularly amonst Android purists. The UI has been criticised both for its cartoon-like graphics and laggy performance.

Although reputations can be hard to shake, recently Samsung has made some good strides with TouchWiz, addressing a lot of common concerns. This progress started with the release of the Samsung Galaxy S6, last year, which offered a more cut-down version of the user interface.

A video has appeared on the Italian tech blog, which seemingly shows TouchWiz following another design makeover. The UI is much flatter in appearence, and overall it looks noticably cleaner than the current version. claims that the new edition of TouchWiz may be released with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, later this year.