Samsung Gear Fit2 black

Samsung could be developing new Gear Fit Pro activity tracker

A new trademark has been registered which indicates that Samsung could be working on another activity tracker. The Gear Fit Pro name has been protected by the company with the European Intellectual Property Agency, possibly in preparation for a new device.

Samsung is covering multiple angles when it comes to wearables, investing heavily in both smartwatches and activity trackers.

By name alone, the Samsung Gear Fit Pro appears to firmly fall into the activity tracker category, as a higher-end offering than previous devices.

There has already been some convergence between smartwatches and activity trackers – not just Samsung’s releases but products from other companies too.

The Samsung Gear Fit Pro could offer more smartphone-like features, although at the moment there is no information about why Samsung has chosen to register the trademark.

While it is possible that Samsung has a new premium fitness tracker under development for release in 2017, it may be the case that the company decided to register the trademark solely to protect its brand.

[via Gadgets & Wearables]