NVIDIA Pascal launch

Samsung could dump ARM GPUs in favour of AMD or NVIDIA

Samsung is reportedly looking for a new supply of GPUs to use with its in-house Exynos chipsets. The South Korean electronics company currently deploys Mali GPUs, which are developed by ARM, but apparently is now seeking a replacement.

Either AMD or NVIDIA could succeed ARM as a supplier of GPU technology to Samsung.

SamMobile, who first reported this story, say that Samsung was initially looking at developing its own GPUs, although now appears to be focussing on other options.

The two rival architectures being considered are AMD’s Polaris and NVIDIA’s Pascal. Although Pascal is widely understood to be the superior of the two, Polaris is nonetheless very capable, and will be utilised by Sony in its forthcoming PS4 Pro 4K gaming console.

Another change that could be coming to Exynos chipsets is the addition of support for CDMA networks.

Although the overwhelming majority of the world’s mobile networks are GSM-based, in some markets, such as the United States, CDMA is used.

Previous Exynos chipsets have not featured a CDMA modem, meaning that Samsung had to supply different versions of its flagship smartphones to CDMA markets.

In areas where CDMA is used, Exynos chipsets are replaced by alternative Qualcomm Snapdragon units. However, this will no longer be necessary if Samsung’s in-house hardware is able to support CDMA.

Samsung is reportedly planning to test an Exynos chipset with a CDMA modem in September 2017. If this is a success, then it is conceivable that in 2018 the Samsung Galaxy S9 will be released with the same system-on-chip around the world.

[via SamMobile]