Samsung Galaxy S7 - Silver Titanium (front)

Samsung Galaxy S7 moving ahead in US smartphone sales

Samsung is continuing to make a significant impact when it comes to US smartphone sales. The latest data from analysts Kantar Worldpanel shows that the Samsung Galaxy S7 is the best-selling smartphone in the country.

What is significant here is that Samsung has dethroned Apple it its own backyard. The Samsung Galaxy S7 accounted for 11.6 percent of all smartphone sales in the three months ending May 2016, whilst iPhone 6s sales were around 10% of the market.

The picture does not look any better for Apple when you examine the combined figures for the companies’ flagship devices. Whilst the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge accounted for 16% of sales, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus were at 14.6%.

Samsung has a larger slice of the US smartphone market than Apple. But figures showing Samsung capturing 37% of the market compare to Apple’s 29% are no surprise, given the South Korean company sells a much larger range of handsets.

Samsung having the larger market share is not especially notable, as Apple competes exclusively at the premium and mid-range end of the market, where profits are a lot higher. What is significant, though, is that when it comes to these higher-end handsets, Samsung’s flagships are now outselling Apple, even in the US company’s home market.

In terms of financial impact, the latest sales data does not change much for Apple. But although the company remains highly profitable, being overtaken by Samsung in the US is likely to disconcert the members of Apple’s board.