Goolge Play Music and Samsung

Samsung partners with Google for music service

Samsung and Google have made a surprise announcement, with news that the two companies have joined forces to deliver a custom Google Play Music experience. The revised service will be available to Samsung smartphone customers, with Google Play Music becoming the default music player on new devices.

The announcement is significant as in recent times the two companies have avoided cooperating, when it comes to delivering services.

Samsung has wanted to both avoid complete reliance on Google for mobile software and provide differentiated products.

It is unlikely that the new partnership will result in a complete change in strategy as far as cooperation between the two companies is concerned. Yet the development could open a path for a more congenial approach when it comes to new services.

Previously the South Korean company ran its own proposition, Samsung Milk Music, although this was closed in September last year.

Google has said that it is now working with Samsung to develop new Google Play Music features that will be exclusive to Samsung customers. However, there will still be some benefits on offer straightaway.

Owners of new Samsung smartphones and tablets will receive an extended service offering. This will result in space for uploading 100,000 songs, which is twice the limit that is offered as standard.

In addition, a three-month free trial to Google Play Music will be provided with new Samsung smartphones and tablets.

There was also confirmation that Google Play Music will be compatible with Samsung’s voice assistant Bixby.