Samsung Developer Conference 2016 - Tizen 3.0 UI & graphics presentation

Samsung readying Tizen 3.0 for September launch

Tizen may not be a household name, but Samsung’s operating system is actually used fairly widely. And now the South Korean electronics giant is planning a major update, with Tizen 3.0 set to be launched in September.

Although Samsung has not attempted to use Tizen to challenge the might of Android and iOS, the OS has been deployed on a number of popular product lines. Last year Samsung announced that Tizen would be the operating system used on all of its smart TVs, and the platform has also been utilised on Samsung smartwatches.

There has been no all-out assault on the smartphone market, but Tizen has been the platform of choice for some devices.

The Tizen-powered Samsung Z1 smartphone was launched in January, 2015. Targeted at developing markets, the handset sold well, as was followed up by the Samsung Z3.