Samsung Galaxy Note7 with pen - Black Onyx

Samsung reveals reasons behind Galaxy Note7 battery fires

Having concluded its investigations into the Samsung Galaxy Note7 battery fires, Samsung has made its findings available publicly. The company discovered that two separate battery faults were behind the problems, and has promised to implement additional safety measures as a result.

After initial reports of battery fires affecting the Samsung Galaxy Note7, the device was reissued with batteries from a different supplier. But when the new handsets began to experience fires as well, a global recall was issued.

As the fires involved batteries from two different suppliers, there has been considerable speculation about the cause of the faults. Many within the tech industry have suggested that the fires were not caused specifically by the batteries, but were due to fundamental issues with the Samsung Galaxy Note7’s design.

The idea that Samsung packaged the batteries in a handset that was effectively too small, not allowing sufficient tolerances, has been a common theory that has been raised. Other speculated that the fault was with Samsung’s fast charging technology.

But instead Samsung found that it was the batteries themselves that were the problem, with each supplier affected by independently by separate issues.