Samsung Galaxy Note7 with S Pen - Platinum Gold

Samsung shares fall as customers asked to stop using Galaxy Note7

Samsung has provided further information about the recall of its Samsung Galaxy Note7 smartphones, offering details of an exchange programme. There have been concerns about the safety of the devices, following reports of explosions caused by battery fires.

The markets have not reacted well to recent developments, with Samsung’s share price falling almost 7%.

In its most recent update to customers, there is a notable change in tone with regards to the gravity of the situation.

Initially Samsung emphasised that only 35 units had suffered from battery fire – a relatively small number given that it is estimated that around 1 million Samsung Galaxy Note7s have been sold already.

Although Samsung still points out that only “a small number of cases [have been] reported globally”, it now advised owners not to use existing Samsung Galaxy Note7s anymore. In a message posted on its website, Samsung states:

“For customers who already have Galaxy Note7 devices, we now ask that you power down your device and return to using your previous phone.”

Owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note7 who take part in the exchange programme will start to receive new handsets from 19 September.