Samsung Galaxy Note7 - Black Onyx

Samsung takes further UK action in pursuit of Galaxy Note7 recall

It has become clear that Samsung is adopting very different strategies around the world, as it chases the remaining Samsung Galaxy Note7 handsets that have yet to be returned. In the UK, the company has confirmed that it will issue a firmware update to limit batteries to 30 percent of their original capacity.

The update is due to begin rolling out to Samsung Galaxy Note7 owners in the UK from 15 December.

This strategy is in stark contrast to the route taken elsewhere, following the instances of Samsung Galaxy Note7 battery fires which resulted in a global recall.

In recent days, Android Wafer reported on the decision to effectively disable remaining Samsung Galaxy Note 7 handsets in the US. However, following the initial announcement, a problem emerged when it became apparent that Verizon was not willing to take part in the roll-out, which will commence on 19 December.

Verizon was not prepared to push an update in the holiday season that would leave users unable to make emergency calls. It is not currently clear whether the US network will roll out the firmware update at a later point in time.

Further emphasising the wide range of strategies being adopted around the globe in order to manage the Samsung Galaxy Note7 recall, in Australia there has been direct cooperation with mobile operators. The result of this accord is that from 15 December units will start to be forcibly disconnected from networks.

[via Android Police]