Samsung Galaxy Note7 - Silver Titanium

Samsung to limit Galaxy Note7 batteries to 60% capacity

In the latest development of the exploding battery saga that has affected Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, the South Korean company is to introduce restrictions for those who do not take part in the recall. Samsung will roll out an update which will restrict existing handsets to 60% of their standard battery capacity.

The restriction will be put in place on 20 September in South Korea, where the Associated Press are reporting that Samsung has taken out a front page advert in the Seoul Shinmun newspaper, announcing the move. At this stage it is not clear whether Samsung will apply the update globally.

By limiting battery capacity, Samsung will be able to allow existing Samsung Galaxy Note7 owners to carry on using their devices, without taking more drastic action.

Samsung has denied internet rumours that it is planning to remotely deactivate existing Samsung Galaxy Note7 handsets that are not returned.

There is already an exchange programme that has been announced by Samsung. The South Korean company would clearly like as many Samsung Galaxy Note7 owners as possible to participate, in order to limit future damage.

Although the exchange programme will be hugely costly, further high-profile battery explosions will damage the company’s reputation around the world.

By limiting battery capacity, Samsung will be hoping to encourage as many device owners as possible to take part in the exchange programme. It is also likely that the restriction will significantly reduce the likelihood of future incidents.

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