Samsung SM-W2016 - black and gold

Samsung working on SM-W2017 flip phone for China

Whilst flip phones were once big sellers, in the smartphone era they have become an obscurity. Yet at the end of 2015, the Samsung SM-W2016 was released and now the South Korean electronics giant is reportedly readying a successor.

What made the Samsung SM-W2016 particularly interesting was that it was not another budget device simply designed to maximise Samsung’s market share. Instead, the Samsung SM-W2016 had similar specs to the flagship Samsung Galaxy S6, with the flip phone also begin given a big price tag.

Now it appears that Samsung has been developing a new high-end flip phone – the Samsung SM-W2017. And like its predecessor, the Samsung SM-W2017 will also be targeted at the Chinese market.

The specs of the Samsung SM-W2017 are not currently known, although it is likely to be another premium device.

[via SamMobile]