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Speed up web browsing on Android

If you are finding browsing the web a little laggy on your Android smartphone or tablet, a reddit user has highlighted a simple setting change that could really help you out. It is possible to increase the maximum amount of RAM that can be used by Chrome, which can make the web browser run much more smoothly.

By default, Chrome is able to make use of 128MB RAM, but this figure can be easily increased to either 256MB or 512MB RAM. In order to access the necessary setting, simply enter the following into Chrome’s omnibox (address bar):


Most reddit posters report positive experiences when changing the amount of RAM that Chrome is able to make use of. That said, it would be wise to test the 256MB setting first, particularly if the device you are using does not have a lot of RAM.

Modern high-end Android devices tend to include large amounts of RAM. The HTC One (M8), Samsung Galaxy S5 and LG G2, for example, all have 2GB RAM.

Allowing Chrome to use 512MB of RAM should not cause any problems with many recent Android phones and tablets. Even if they are not as well-specced as the aforementioned smartphones, they should be able to handle the increase due to the efficient way that Android manages memory.

Android keeps many apps running in the background, which reduces loading times. But when the system starts to run short of memory, it will close unneeded apps.

It is also worth noting that Chrome requires a minimum of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich to run, so many users of the browser will be running it on reasonable-spec devices.

The ability to utilise a larger amount of memory also appears to be present in other Chromium-based browsers, such as Opera.

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