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LineageOS records half a million installs

LineageOS is proving that there is still plenty of enthusiasm for custom ROMs amongst the Android community, with an impressive rate of adoption. Despite having only been officially launched on 24 December last year, there has been over half a million active installs of the burgeoning operating system.

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Samsung Family Hub refrigerator

Samsung to release Tizen for home appliances

Samsung is reportedly working on a new version of its Tizen operating system, designed specially for home appliances. The development has the potential to dramatically increase the number of products that are powered by the software, with the South Korean company said to have big ambitions for the platform.

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Huawei Watch

Huawei may drop Android Wear in favour of Tizen

Huawei could be considering dropping Android Wear and instead switching to Samsung’s Tizen for future smartwatches. With few Android Wear devices being planned for the future by manufacturers, the loss of Huawei’s support would be a significant blow to the platform.

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Sailfish OS smartphones

Russian mobile operating system under development

A new mobile operating system is being developed in Russia. The platform is being targeted at enterprise users, as well as those who are concerned about privacy.

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Samsung Developer Conference 2016 - Tizen 3.0 UI & graphics presentation

Samsung readying Tizen 3.0 for September launch

Tizen may not be a household name, but Samsung’s operating system is actually used fairly widely. And now the South Korean electronics giant is planning a major update, with Tizen 3.0 set to be launched in September.

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Samsung Galaxy A7 - Blue Topaz (rear)

Samsung preparing to release Tizen smartphones in Europe

A report has emerged claiming that Samsung is testing its Tizen operating system in all major European markets. It appears that the South Korean manufacturer could launch Tizen-powered smartphones in Europe over the next year.

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Samsung Z1 - Tizen smartphone

Samsung getting ready for Tizen smartphone push

More parts of the world could have access to an increased number of smartphones running Tizen, Samsung’s own mobile operating system, over the course of 2015. Following promising sales, the South Korean electronics giant is now looking to expand the reach of the OS.

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Orange Klif - Firefox OS smartphone

These alternatives to Android were on display at MWC 2015

As the dominant mobile operating system, Android has competition from two very well-resourced, formidable competitors in the form of iOS and Windows. Given the strength of these established players, competing in the mobile OS market is theoretically an almost-impossible task for any insurgent.

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Nokia Lumia 1520

Are Microsoft about to introduce Android apps to Windows Phone?

There is speculation that Microsoft could be planning a major change in strategy when it comes to apps on Windows Phone devices. The company is said to be considering introducing Android apps to its smartphone platform.

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Samsung Tizen smart TVs 2015

Why Samsung will be using Tizen instead of Android on all of its 2015 smart TVs

Samsung’s short-term strategy for Tizen is becoming clearer. The company has announced that the platform will be used to power all of its smart TVs released during 2015.

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