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Android Auto 2.0 - smartphone display

It is now possible to use Android Auto in all cars

A major update to Android Auto means that the system is no longer restricted to a selection of compatible vehicles via existing in-car displays. A new version of Android Auto is currently being rolled out which enables it to be used on Android smartphones.

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Android Auto - navigation and reminder

Android Auto not working with latest Android N Developer Preview

Some testers of the Android N Developer Preview have discovered that the latest release of the software does not function very well with Android Auto. There seems to be a number of Android Auto-related issues affecting the latest build, which are causing frustrations with the in-car system.

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Android Auto - Google Maps navigation

Google looks to integrate Android into cars with new Qualcomm partnership

Google has teamed up with Qualcomm, with the aim of making Android significantly more accessible in cars. Although the existing Android Auto system has proven reasonably popular with manufacturers, being used by 40 car brands in around 100 models, its requirements can be limiting for some consumers.

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