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Chrome 54 Beta - background video playback

Background video playback feature shows up in Chrome 54 Beta

There is a very interesting inclusion in the latest beta edition of Chrome for Android, with the addition of background video playback. This provides a notable improvement in the multi-tasking experience offered by Android, making it possible to listen to the audio from a video playing in Chrome 54 Beta, at the same time as using another app.

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Google Cast (beta) Chrome extension

Chromecast beta adds 1080p support

Google has added another feature to Chromecast, which it hopes will entice more people to try out the media streaming stick. Following an update to the beta edition of the Google Cast extension, it is now possible to test full high definition streaming direct from the Chrome desktop browser.

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Google Chrome - Android

Speed up web browsing on Android

If you are finding browsing the web a little laggy on your Android smartphone or tablet, a reddit user has highlighted a simple setting change that could really help you out. It is possible to increase the maximum amount of RAM that can be used by Chrome, which can make the web browser run much more smoothly.

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Chrome Remote Desktop Android app

Chrome Remote Desktop comes to Android

Google has released an Android version of Chrome Remote Desktop, a service that allows you to access PCs and laptops when away from the machines themselves. As a result, it becomes easier to work from different machines in a variety of locations.

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Chrome for Android

Better Chromecast support and new features for Chrome on Android

Google has released a new beta version of their Chrome browser, bringing a popular desktop feature to Android as well as some more mobile-orientated updates. Built from version 35 of Chrome, the new release features improved Chromecast support, better video handling and the option to undo closed tabs.

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