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Facebook acknowledge battery-drain problem

Facebook has admitted that its apps have been causing battery-drain issues, blaming the problem on server-side difficulties. In recent days, there have been complaints on social media about poor battery life, as a result of using Facebook’s mobile apps.

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WhatsApp - Android messaging app

EU tells WhatsApp to halt data sharing with Facebook

WhatsApp has been told to stop sharing user data with its parent company Facebook. The news comes as privacy officials from across the European Union investigate the practices of the two social platforms.

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Facebook Messenger - Android app

Facebook Messenger users may be forced to use app on Android

Soon Facebook users on Android may no longer have the option of accessing their messages via a mobile web browser. A number of reports have emerged that a notice is now being displayed which states that messages will soon only be available via the Facebook Messenger app.

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Facebook Android app - news feed

Chromecast support may be on the way for Facebook’s Android app

Facebook’s expansion as a media platform looks set to continue, with Chromecast support being added to its Android app. The beta edition of the app is reportedly now showing the Google Cast icon when videos are played.

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Instagram Hyperlapse - Android alternatives

Hyperlapse and its Android alternatives explained

Camera enthusiasts may well have noticed a growing level of interest and excitement being generated by hyperlapse photography over the past couple of years. A new app from Instagram launched today, offering an alternative for anyone who wants to create a hyperlapse sequence, without a digital SLR, a copy of Adobe After Effects and a healthy dose of patience.

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Slingshot app

Why Facebook was willing to pay users to test Slingshot

Facebook has been offering payments to potential testers of its new photo and video sharing app. This was a surprising development in many respects, as high profile launches like Facebook’s Slingshot service are not normally short of eager users willing to test what could become the next big thing.

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