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Goolge Pixel - Quite Black, Really Blue and Very Silver

Google implements fix for Pixel Bluetooth disconnections

A bug that was frustrating some Google Pixel owners has apparently been resolved. Owners of the smartphone had been experiencing random drops with Bluetooth connections, but Google believes that it has now fixed the issue.

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Google Pixel XL in clear case

Google could be working on budget Pixel smartphone

When the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL launched there was one big area of disappointment for many – the price. But now it has emerged that Google may be planning to release a lower-priced Pixel smartphone, in order to broaden the appeal of the product range.

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Google Pixel XL - Quite Black - front & back

Is a shutdown bug affecting Nexus and Pixel smartphones

In the run-up to Christmas, it was revealed that Huawei and Google are investigating an issue that causes last year’s Nexus 6P to shutdown when around 30% battery capacity is left. The cause of the problem is still unknown, although it does appear to be troubling a significant number of users.

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Google Pixel - Quite Black

EE to control Pixel updates for UK customers

One of the biggest potential advantages offered by the Pixel smartphones is the ability to receive timely firmware updates direct from Google. Unfortunately, for those in the UK who purchase a Pixel or Pixel XL from EE, updates will be provided by the network instead.

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Google Pixel & Google Pixel XL - silver & black

Focus is on Google Assistant with launch of two new Pixel smartphones

Google has delivered a keynote presentation which offered hints about the future of the company. The whole event was centred around artificial intelligence, and more specifically, Google Assistant.

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