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Google+ Photos are now viewable from inside the Google Drive Android app

Google Photos v2.13 introduces video stabilisation

Now there is a new free alternative for ensuring videos are steady, with the latest update to Google Photos. The new version of the app sees support enabled for video stabilisation, allowing correction of footage after it has been recorded.

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Google Keep - shopping list suggestions

Google Assistant’s shopping lists are moving Home

Shopping lists created with Google Assistant will no longer be automatically transferred to the Google Keep app. Instead, any list created via the digital helper will instead be placed in the Google Home app.

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Google Home speaker

Google Home and WiFi officially announced for UK

Google has officially confirmed that it will launch the Google Home speaker in the United Kingdom. The release is no surprise, but the search engine giant has now officially laid out its plan.

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Google Home speaker - base colours

Google Home speaker nearing UK release date

Google has sent out invitations to an event in the United Kingdom, which has been scheduled for 28 March. It is likely this will be used as a stage to launch the Google Home speaker, which is set to make its debut in the country.

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Meet your Google Assistant

Google Assistant now compatible with many more devices

Initially launched exclusively on the Google Pixel smartphones, Google Assistant is now rolling out to a much larger pool of devices. It is a move that will see Google significantly increase the market share of its AI technologies, as it battles competitors such as Amazon’s Alexa.

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Google Home speaker

Google to release Home speaker in UK

The Google Home speaker will launch in the United Kingdom, some eight months after it was first released in the United States. It will go on sale in June, although local pricing and sales channels have yet to be confirmed.

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Google App - web app for desktop

Google working on Allo desktop client

The hype surrounding Google’s messaging service Allo has died down significantly since launch. But the team behind Allo are still developing the project as they seek to build momentum, with a new desktop client in the works.

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Google Now launcher

Google Now launcher to be discontinued

Google is planning to phase out its Google Now launcher. The software had proven very popular on Android, providing a free alternative for anyone searching for a more stock-like experience.

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Google Pixel XL in clear case

Google could be working on budget Pixel smartphone

When the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL launched there was one big area of disappointment for many – the price. But now it has emerged that Google may be planning to release a lower-priced Pixel smartphone, in order to broaden the appeal of the product range.

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Google app - offline search

Google introduces better search for weak connections

The Google app’s handling of search is being changed, in order to deliver a better experience with a restricted connection. Results will now be sent as soon as a signal is available again, leaving users free to get on with other tasks.

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