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Nintendo Switch box - grey edition

Why Sony and Microsoft are supporting the Nintendo Switch

Sony PlayStation is one of the most recognisable brands in gaming. It is so ubiquitous that there appears to be little need for the Japanese electronics company to support other platforms. Yet despite the ultra-competitive nature of the video games industry, Sony has already invested in Android and iOS games. Now this expansion is being taken even further, with news that Sony is to release a title on the Nintendo Switch.

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Nintendo Miitomo - Android app

Nintendo issue Miitomo update to fix early bugs

Nintendo has reacted promptly to reports that users of some devices were experiencing problems with its first ever mobile app Miitomo. An updated edition of the social app has been released onto the Play Store, after some early downloaders found that it was crashing on start-up.

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Miitomo Android app - Mii character

Nintendo release Miitomo on Google Play around the world

There is some great news for fans of Nintendo today, with the international release of the company’s first smartphone app. The social app, named Miitomo, is now available to download from Google Play.

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