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ASUS optical zoom Morse code

ASUS likely to unveil optical zoom smartphone at CES

ASUS has given strong indications that the centrepiece of its CES 2015 trade show activity will be the launch of a new smartphone, with a focus on photography. The company has released a video containing Morse code and a tagline, seemingly designed to provide a couple of major hints about what it has in store.

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Kodak Pixpro S1 camera

Why Kodak has decided to make Android smartphones and tablets

One of the biggest mobile tech stories to have emerged over the Christmas period is the news that Kodak is to release its own Android smartphones and tablets. The development has received worldwide attention, although the scope of the coverage is not especially surprising.

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Microsoft Xim

Microsoft Xim now with Chromecast support

There is now another way to display photos on a big screen, with Chromecast functionality having been added to Microsoft Xim. The app provides an easy way to network devices together in order to share photos.

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Instagram Hyperlapse - Android alternatives

Hyperlapse and its Android alternatives explained

Camera enthusiasts may well have noticed a growing level of interest and excitement being generated by hyperlapse photography over the past couple of years. A new app from Instagram launched today, offering an alternative for anyone who wants to create a hyperlapse sequence, without a digital SLR, a copy of Adobe After Effects and a healthy dose of patience.

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Photowall for Chromecast

New photo sharing app for Chromecast

Days after its European launch, Google are eager to maintain the momentum of Chromecast, launching a new app for the digital media player. Photowall allows users to collaborate via Android and iOS apps – as well as the Chrome desktop browser – to build a photo collage on a TV.

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HTC One Max camera

Android gains RAW support

New camera features have been added to the Android source code, which should lead to big improvements in the camera options offered by the platform. Both RAW support and a burst mode have been included in Android’s hardware abstraction layer (HAL) and can be accessed by developers.

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