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Instagram - rings

Instagram makes it easier to find stories

Instagram has announced two new features that are designed to make stories easier to discover. The new features make it possible to find stories through both locations and hashtags.

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Snapchat - filters and special effects

Snapchat introduces limitless snaps with no time limit

Snapchat has added new features to its app, including a key change that affects a fundamental aspect of the service. The notion that snaps are only available for a limited amount of time is well established, but that is now about to change.

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Chromebook Pixel 2015 running Google Play

Topics come to Google+

Google+ has introduced a new way to discover content within the social network. The feature, called topics, does not just focus on what is trending within posts, but instead highlights areas across the platform.

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Twitter Lite

Twitter offer big data savings with new mobile website

Twitter has launched a new mobile web experience, promising to deliver a reduction in data usage of up to 70 percent. The company claims that the website will still offer many of the essential features of a mobile app, while being better suited to slower and more expensive connections.

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Facebook Android app

Facebook acknowledge battery-drain problem

Facebook has admitted that its apps have been causing battery-drain issues, blaming the problem on server-side difficulties. In recent days, there have been complaints on social media about poor battery life, as a result of using Facebook’s mobile apps.

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Vine - Android app

Vine given limited reprieve

Having announced in October that it was planning to shut down its Vine video sharing platform, Twitter has now said that the app will remain. But while the general purpose of the app will be retained, Vine’s social features will be heavily restricted.

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WhatsApp - Android messaging app

EU tells WhatsApp to halt data sharing with Facebook

WhatsApp has been told to stop sharing user data with its parent company Facebook. The news comes as privacy officials from across the European Union investigate the practices of the two social platforms.

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GIPHY website

GIPHY releases app for Android

GIPHY has launched an Android app, which offers the service’s extensive library of animated GIFs. Although GIPHY did have an app available for Android previously, that was dedicated to sharing content over Facebook Messenger.

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Miitomo Android app - Mii character

Nintendo release Miitomo on Google Play around the world

There is some great news for fans of Nintendo today, with the international release of the company’s first smartphone app. The social app, named Miitomo, is now available to download from Google Play.

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Twitter accessibility - image descriptions

Twitter adds 420-character image descriptions to improve accessibility

Twitter has started rolling out a change to its Android and iOS apps that will permit users to add descriptions to any photos they post. The update is designed to make the platform more accessible, although it has prompted discussion around the 140-character limit that is applied to tweets.

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