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Petya ransomware

Ransomware hitting Ukraine shows how easily a country could be crippled by cyberattack

Another major ransomware outbreak has taken place today, with a number of major institutions affected in Ukraine. The government, an energy supplier and a bank have all been hit in the latest incident.

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Google Play Music - Android

Google Play Music All Access launches in Ukraine

The expansion of Google Play Music All Access has continued in Europe, with Ukraine the latest country to be given access to the subscription service. Google Play Music All Access in now available in a total of 24 European countries.

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Google Play Store

Developers from Romania, Ukraine and Turkey now able to sell apps via Google Play

There is some good news for developers from a number of European countries, with Google adding more locations that are able to sell paid Android apps via Google Play. Although developers from 150 countries – from Albania to Zimbabwe – are able to upload free apps, before the most recent additions only 37 of those had the option of selling the products of their labour.

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