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Android TV Launcher

Android TV redesigned for Android O

Android TV is to be given a new look when Android O, the next version of the operating system, is introduced. The new user interface has been designed to make content easier to find.

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Garmin Virb - 360-degree camera

Garmin enters 360-degree camera market with VIRB 360

The market for 360-degree cameras is highly competitive at the moment, and now Garmin has become the latest company to produce an offering of its own. But despite a number of products already being available, the Garmin VIRB 360 stands out thanks to its 5.7K video recording.

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Netflix - Orange is the New Black

Netflix blocks rooted Android devices

Netflix has confirmed that it will no longer allow users with a rooted Android device to download its app from the Play Store. It is a change that is likely to prove controversial amongst Android enthusiasts, given the enthusiasm that exists for custom ROMs.

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Sony image sensors

Sony announced new super-slow-mo smartphone camera sensor

Sony has developed a new CMOS sensor for smartphones that is capable of capturing footage at 1,000 frames per second. It includes an additional layer with DRAM, allowing for fast readout speeds.

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Google Assistant on Android TV

Google Assistant to roll out for Android TV

As the CES 2017 trade show progresses and tech companies deliver big announcements, Google has shared its own piece of major news. The company has declared that Google Assistant, the virtual assistant that was launched with the Pixel smartphones, will be made available for Android TV.

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Samsung Smart View app - Supergirl

Samsung smart TVs could offer full video casting

In the process of updating one of its mobile apps, Samsung appears to have accidentally leaked the fact that it has been working on a service similar to Chromecast built-in (the new name for Google Cast). The new service appears to be a significant improvement on Samsung’s existing offering, going head-to-head with Google’s more established alternative.

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Vine - Android app

Vine given limited reprieve

Having announced in October that it was planning to shut down its Vine video sharing platform, Twitter has now said that the app will remain. But while the general purpose of the app will be retained, Vine’s social features will be heavily restricted.

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Google Home speaker

Netflix and Google Photos ready for Google Home

Two new services are being made available for use with Google Home. The speaker will soon work with both Netflix and Google Photos, as support grows for the home automation platform.

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Netflix VR - Android app

Netflix VR launches for Daydream

Netflix has launched a virtual reality app which is compatible with Google’s Daydream platform. The new app, called Netflix VR, offers all of the streaming service’s content, which is delivered inside a virtual environment.

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Chrome 54 Beta - background video playback

Background video playback feature shows up in Chrome 54 Beta

There is a very interesting inclusion in the latest beta edition of Chrome for Android, with the addition of background video playback. This provides a notable improvement in the multi-tasking experience offered by Android, making it possible to listen to the audio from a video playing in Chrome 54 Beta, at the same time as using another app.

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