Tesco Broadband

Tesco to offer a year’s free internet access with the Hudl

There is now another reason to buy a Hudl – the Android tablet from Tesco – with the company offering 12 months free broadband internet access with the device.

The deal applies to any internet-enabled product purchased from Tesco, and is available via the supermarket’s own internet service provider.

There is some small print to be aware of, though. Most significantly, not everyone will be eligible, as you have to be covered by Tesco’s own telecoms network (which is run via Vodafone, who bought the business from Cable & Wireless).

The second point to note is that you must agree to take Tesco’s telephone service. The cheapest package offered is £14.95 per month, which includes free evening and weekend calls.

In addition, the savings are perhaps not quite as big as you might first assume. Tesco currently offer broadband for £2 per month for the first year to anyone who is covered by the company’s network and subscribes to their telephone service.

Despite the small print, the deal is still good news for those who live in a Tesco telecoms service area who are looking to switch their broadband provider.

The move to offer free internet access is a sign of Tesco’s aggressive play to try and establish itself as one of the UK’s leading digital service providers. As well as the recently-announced Hudl tablet, the company is also keenly promoting its blinkbox music and video streaming services.

[via Tesco Broadband]