Tizen OS

Tizen remains Samsung’s back-up plan

Samsung are in no rush with Tizen. Rather than it being a panicked attempt at developing an Android alternative, it is clear that the South Korean company sees the operating system as a potential long-term strategic weapon.

The biggest challenge faced by any burgeoning OS is the need for a comprehensive app market. With that in mind, the company has been working hard to woo developers with events such as the Samsung Developer’s conference in London.

Speaking at the conference, chief engineer Alvin Kim made it clear that we won’t be seeing any Samsung phones or tablets running Tizen in the near future. Kim said that the OS will be used in a broad range of devices, including PCs, fridges, wearables and printers.

“Some devices will be given to the market by the end of next year,” Kim said at the conference.

Samsung hopes to develop Tizen as a viable alternative to Android, but realises that this cannot happen overnight.

It seems inevitable that eventually there will be a range of phones and tablets running Tizen OS, but these devices are likely to be sold alongside Samsung products that run Android.

If for some reason Samsung’s relationship with Google was to deteriorate in the future, Tizen would ensure that the company was not left stranded. Tizen therefore acts as an alternative platform, waiting in the wings to allow Samsung to quickly re-establish its dominance in the market, should Android no longer be a viable platform.

[via CNET]