Turntable.fm Android app

Turntable.fm abandons Android app to focus on live music

Fans of the social DJ service turntable.fm will no doubt be disappointed to discover the news that the project is being discontinued in its current form and replaced with a fresh offering. Turntable.fm allowed friends to chat and listen to music together, taking turns to select the next track.

Turntable.fm had a loyal following, but was by no means universally popular. Its Android app currently has a rating of only 3.3 out of 5, on Google Play.

Although the Turntable name remains, the new service is a very different proposition. Built around live music, Turntable Live allows artists to generate revenue by selling tickets to performances, which are then available for fans to stream live.

A significant change for the new product is that Turntable Live is currently only web-based. There are no mobile apps available for any platforms, although expect that to change should the service prove successful.