Twitter to be preinstalled on some Android handsets in Europe

A deal between Twitter and Deutsche Telekom will see Twitter integrated into some Android handsets in Europe. The agreement will apply to selected Android phones sold on its networks in Germany, the Netherlands, Romania, Croatia and Greece.

Exactly how Twitter will be embedded into Android phones has not been specified, but the arrangement will go beyond merely preinstalling Twitter’s Android app on devices. The statement from Deutsche Telekom suggested that a widget will also be added to homescreens:

“In collaboration with Deutsche Telekom, Twitter will create a unique experience for Deutsche Telekom devices. […] Deutsche Telekom customers will have instant access to what’s happening in the world in real time, right out-of-the-box.”

With the exception of the Netherlands, it would appear that Twitter’s penetration is low in the countries covered by the deal. Twitter will therefore be hoping that the arrangement will allow them to increase their market share in these territories.

Despite failing to make an impact in some European countries, Twitter is still a well know brand throughout the continent. Therefore, low penetration cannot be explained entirely by lack of awareness.

Twitter will need to work hard to convince potential users in countries covered by the deal that their service is worth trying. Otherwise, the tie-in risks being seen as adding bloatware to Android, that many will choose to uninstall on day one.

[via Gigaom]