WELT smart belt - beige

WELT smart belt funded on Kickstarter

A smart belt which started life as a project within Samsung has been successfully funded on Kickstarter. The health and fitness wearable can monitor waist size, count steps and track sitting time.

The developers of WELT say the smart belt is even capable of working out when the wearer is eating too much.

While there is no shortage of wearables that have been designed to improve health and fitness, a key difference with WELT is that it aims to be a fashion accessory in its own right.

WELT comes in a number of different styles and colours, and there are versions of the belt for both men and women.

Another distinction between WELT and a lot of other health and fitness wearables is battery life. While many products in this sector need charging every day, WELT’s battery can go more than 20 days between charges.

The Kickstarter campaign went live on 5 September. Just two days later, WELT had achieved 200% of its original $30,000 (approximately €26,645/£225,54) funding goal.

WELT was developed inside Creative Lab (C-Lab), which is Samsung’s internal venture incubation scheme.

Along with four other projects, WELT was spun out off C-Lab in June.