Google Maps settings - 'Wi-Fi only' mode

‘Wi-Fi only’ mode added to Google Maps app

The Google Maps Android app has proven to be a popular navigation tool, but there are times when the service can be both frustrating and costly. Downloading mapping data is a very data-intensive activity, which can be problematic in some circumstances.

For anyone without access to a genorous data allowance, using Google Maps online can quickly become very expensive. This is often particularly true when roaming abroad.

And without a decent high-speed mobile signal, navigating with Google Maps can be a trying experience.

However, the latest version of the app includes a ‘Wi-Fi only’ toggle in the settings. This is a neat little feature which means that Google Maps will not try to access a data signal, but other apps can still connect to a mobile network.

It will therefore still be possible to use a data signal in circumstances where costs are high and/or speeds are limited, for less intensive tasks such a posting a tweet.